Hold 2 C/H Damaged by cargo also bosun store stbs damaged,Our repair team inspected all damages with appointed class on board due to arrange a smooth repair operation and inform all parties etc.

Repair operation completed in 3 days & repaired areas passed all tests before delivery of vessel to ship owner.

This time ,Crane damaged hatch cover during discharging operation.We appointed by shipowner to repair damaged area & completed in 3 hours.
All tests passed.

As known Steel Scarp cargo could damage some parts of holds,(Hidden Damages) as Australian ladders,Platforms,steps etc.
Our team experienced to repair these damages before vessel’s sailing & time is so important.We always complete repair operations
as informed etc.

Hydraulic pipe lines of the hatch covers leak out and hatch cover was unable to open before loading operation
because of low pressure.

Hatch cover wheels out of rail,fixed before loading operation.