Agency Services

All operations are followed just in time by our tracking system which is well connected with the ports&harbour areas and
by this means all informations are transmitted you as fulltime, current and true by Atlantis Agency Department.Our experienced officers always take preventive precautions
may occur problems during vessel’s discharge/Loading operations.we ensure your vessels enter and exit a port safetly and efficiently.From pre-arrival to post-departure

  • Bulk Carriers
  • Oil Tankers
  • Container Ships
  • Ro-ro Vessels
  • LNG-LPG Carriers
  • Heavy Lift Vessels

Crew Change
We provide a safe and secure service in all of our locations and the service consists of the following elements

  • Liaison with crewing and owners offices overseas to ensure all onsigners are aware of requirements for entry
  • Sending ‘OK to board’ messages to airline companies & guarantee letters.
  • Visas on arrival, meeting any arriving personnel,
  • Known all immigration and customs formalities for Sign on and Sign Off crew members.
  • Transportation of arriving crew members in safe and reliable vehicles to their destinations.
  • Long term car hire with registered and regulated drivers